Wireless Band-Aids, Wireless Pills and the Future of Healthcare

In the age of mobile devices, wireless technology and an app for just about everything, healthcare is inevitably headed in a new direction, but what’s on the horizon might surprise you.

Don Jones, JD, Vice President of Global Strategy and Market Development for Qualcomm Life, is a leader in the field of
wireless technologies and platforms in the health, fitness and life sciences markets.

His team focuses on developing wireless devices that will automatically, continuously collect physiological statistics in real time, thus making medical data collection easier, faster and more reliable than ever.  These internal / on-body wireless sensors will cut down on the time healthcare professionals focus on taking vital signs, so they can spend more time on “what Jones calls ‘real healthcare,’” because “Practitioners shouldn’t be wasting their time with data acquisition.”

These “Body Area Network” devices, as Qualcomm calls them, include everything from internal wireless pills powered by stomach acid for collecting data on the abdomen, to external sensors resembling Band-Aids for monitoring general health and alerting medical staff if a problem is detected.

Find out more from Don Jones regarding what’s on the horizon of wireless healthcare at the upcoming Atlantic Meets the Pacific Conference.

For more information about the upcoming Atlantic Meets the Pacific (TAMTP) Conference (October 7-9, 2012), contact information and list of speakers, please visit the following link: http://www.atlanticmeetspacific.com

To register for the event, please visit:

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