Daniel Yankelovich Pushes the Power of Polling and Public Opinion

Polling wasn’t always popular, but over the past two decades, the importance of collecting the public opinion has shifted from unheard of to essential. “Americans want a voice . . . I think one of the great changes of the past 20 years is this insistence – it’s not only a desire, it’s an insistence that the public has a voice in the decisions that affect their lives,” says Daniel Yankelovich, MA, a leading public opinion pollster and pioneer who has been conducting cutting-edge, public opinion research for the past 40 years.

Mr. Yankelovich is the Founder and current chairman of three public opinion / public policy research firms and an author who has published 12 books, including Toward Wiser Public Judgment, Profit with Honor: The New Stage of Market Capitalism and The Magic of Dialogue.  Mr. Yankelovich is also the founder of The New York Times / Yankelovich Poll, which evolved into the New York Times / CBS Poll, is the recipient of a number of awards, and was named by PR Week as one of the ten most influential people of the past century in the arena of public affairs, communications and public relations.

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