Stacey Snider, Moving DreamWorks Forward

DreamWorks Animation has announced a new partnership with Netflix to create an original cartoon series. This is the next step in DreamWorks’ campaign to go beyond the silver screen, teaming with Netflix’s desire to strengthen its appeal to children.

Like DreamWorks Animation’s other television shows on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, the Netflix series will be a spinoff of a DreamWorks Animation movie. The Netflix show will be called “Turbo F.A.S.T.” based on the upcoming DreamWorks movie “Turbo”, about a snail that becomes super fast, in theaters July 19.

On Tuesday, when the deal was announced, DreamWorks’ shares rose 2.91 percent, to $16.63.

DreamWorks Animation’s chief executive, Jeffrey Katzenberg, refers to this agreement as “Part of the television revolution.”

At last year’s Atlantic Meets Pacific conference, Stacey Snider, co-chairman and CEO oImagef DreamWorks Studios, spoke about what it takes to be Steven Spielberg’s right hand gal and how she contributes to the production of critically acclaimed movies.

See all of Stacey Snider’s Atlantic Meets Pacific talk on UC-TV.

The Atlantic Meets the Pacific is an event hosted by UC San Diego Extension and the Atlantic Magazine, putting together a number of influential speakers, like Snider, to discuss the cutting edge of technology, energy, and health. For a third year in a row, the Atlantic Meets the Pacific will be hosted in La Jolla, California at the Scripps Seaside Forum and Calit2 on October 2 through 4, 2013.

Check back in March for more information on this year’s Atlantic Meets Pacific speakers!

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