Chris Anderson is Crossing Borders

Chris Anderson, CEO of 3-D Robotics and former Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, has been on a quest to reshape the way we think of and use drones since he founded the company DIY Drones.

Anderson imagines a future when these remote controlled aerial vehicles will be more than just military devices but machines that simplify everyday life, with potential uses including fire fighting and pizza deliveries just to name a few.

But more than just his ideas about implementing robotics, makes Anderson’s business cutting edge. About five years ago Anderson partnered with a young Mexican programmer, named Jordi Munoz, to create the multimillion dollar company, 3-D Robotics, that spans San Diego and Tijuana.

Not only did Munoz share some of his impressive code which helped propel the company forward, but he also provided insight into Tijuana’s little known manufacturing hub.

3-D Robotics has tapped  into Tijuana’s underground market of high skilled, low cost manufacturing, which Anderson  refers to as “the Shenzhen[China’s manufacturing epicenter] of North America.”

Anderson’s business is a model for tech companies that require manufacturing that is usually outsourced to China. Tijuana’s close proximity to the U.S. means drastically cheaper shipping costs, and more according to Anderson.

“It’s not just cheap, it’s better skilled. They graduate more engineers. Those manufacturing skills that we lost in much of the United States are still there,“ Anderson tells KPBS.

Could this business in Tijuana be the beginning of a new industrial future for the region?

See what other ideas Anderson has about revolutionizing the tech industry, at this year’s The Atlantic Meets the Pacific. The conference presented by UC San Diego Extension and The Atlantic Magazine will be held at the Scripps Seaside Forum and Qualcomm Institute in La Jolla, California on October 2 through 4.

Please visit for more information.

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