Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny, and The American Dream

Chopra’s newest book, Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny, and The American Dream, revisits the topic of immigration and details his experience behind why he wrote the letter to the Boston Globe decades ago. This book, released only a few weeks ago, could not have been planned more timely with the heated debate over the immigration bill recently passed in the senate.

This story, co-authored by his brother Sanjiv, is the tale of two Indian doctors who have come to the live out the American dream, during the Vietnam war when there was a doctor shortage. Watch this preview of their tale.

In a time such as now, with the country fiercely divided on immigration issues, the Chopra brothers reveal their experience as immigrants and their journey of making America their new home. They explain that an alienation from one’s home country must take place before assimilation can be achieved. In empathizing with the story of two immigrant doctors, readers can better understand the difficulties faced by the illegal migrant workers from Mexico and their hopes of pursuing that same American dream.


Deepak Chopra’s life story is a brotherly tale.

Hear the two brothers discuss their book on PBS.

To read an article from Deepak about how this book relates to current immigration issues, click here.

Deepak will be speaking at this year’s The Atlantic Meets the Pacific, hosted by UC San Diego Extension and The Atlantic Magazine. The conference will be held on October 2 through 4 at Scripps Seaside Forum and Calit2, now known as the Qualcomm Institute in La Jolla, California. For more information on speakers and registration, please visit

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