Kunal Sarkar: Bettering Your Brain

Kunal Sarkar graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a certificate in Finance from Princeton University in 2000.

He began his career with the Walt Disney Company, doing strategic planning and development. From there, Sarkar became the vice president of  McCown De Leeuw and Co., a billion dollar private equity fund that focused on making growth equity investments. Arkar then went on to co-found American Infrastructure Master Limited Partnership Funds (AIMLP), a private equity fund that manages investments in infrastructure and natural resources.

Since 2006, Sarkar has been the CEO of Lumos Labs, the research center behind Lumosity, which he co-founded. Lumosity is the wildly popular, critically acclaimed brain performance enhancer, that has grown to over 40 million users. It uses games and training exercises created by neuroscientists to improve memory, attention, and problem solving. Users create a profile choosing particular aspects that they would like to strengthen and Lumosity creates a personalized daily brain work out aimed at improving core cognitive functions.

Users report better memory, quicker hand eye coordination, improved focus, and easier multitasking after using Lumosity. A 2013 peer-reviewed study from Stanford University shows that Lumosity training can improve the brain’s executive functions, which are a key driver of everyday quality of life. Dr. Shelli Kesler tested women who trained with Lumosity for 12 weeks against a control group, revealing significant improvement in working memory, verbal fluency, processing speed, and cognitive flexibility of the women who used Lumosity versus those that did not.

This is just one of many studies related to Lumosity. The research behind Lumosity has formed into the Human Cognition Project, a collaboration of researchers that mine the data Lumosity gathers about its users and the way their brains react, function, and improve. Lumosity is now the largest and fastest growing database on human cognition and the research it generates gives insight to our understanding of the brain as well as improvements of Lumosity’s training.

Hear about the research and developments of Lumosity from Sarkar himself at The Atlantic Meets the Pacific, hosted by UC San Diego Extension and The Atlantic Magazine. The conference will be held on October 2 through 4 at the Scripps Seaside Forum and the Qualcomm Institute in La Jolla, California. For more information on registration and speakers, like Sarkar, visit atlanticmeetspacific.com.

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