Doctor and Entrepreneur Jordan Shlain to Speak at The Atlantic Meets the Pacific Conference

The 3rd Annual The Atlantic Meets the Pacific Conference welcomes Dr. Jordan Shlain, a practicing primary care doctor, digital health entrepreneur, provocateur, writer and respected thought leader in national health policy.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 3.53.50 PM

Dr. Shlain is nationally recognized for his innovative approach to the delivery of healthcare. In addition to being a full time doctor and founder of Healthloop, he is a Mayoral appointed Commissioner on the Health Service Systems Board of San Francisco and sits on the board of the bi-partisian Washington, DC policy think tank, Hope Street Group. He has been named one of the top 100 health care innovators by HealthSpottr and serves on the board of the American Academy of Private Physicians, WildAid and the Institute for Responsible Nutrition’s Doctors Food Project.

After graduating from UC Berkeley and before attending Georgetown Medical school, Dr. Shlain spent a year teaching high school science in Western Kenya with WorldTeach.

He is an active health investor and advises many venture capital and private equity firms. He is the founder and chairman of Heathloop, the ‘missing piece’ in the healthcare puzzle.

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