Conference Launched with Conversation on Future of Health Care

7:45 pm


UC San Diego Chancellor Khosla

UC San Diego Chancellor Khosla, in opening “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific” conference: “I’m really proud that you have chosen us here at UC San Diego, and I congratulate you on your good taste….We were started as an experiment more than 50 years ago and we want to be an experiment that keeps on experimenting. This wonderful event is a marriage made in heaven, and I hope it lasts forever.”

The Atlantic’s James Fallows is interviewing Dr. Roni Zeiger, noted healthcare expert who until early this year was Chief Health Strategist for Google.

Topic: public health. Quote: “All information that clinicians know is re-cycling every five years…The next 10 years is going to be the hardest time to practice medicine, ever…The way medicine is going to be practiced in 20 years, it’s going to be a team sport, between physician and patient. We’ve only just begun to realize that medicine is a team sport. That collaboration is the key to improving our public health.”

On privacy issues: “When people get really sick, such as cancer that can’t be cured, they usually aren’t that concerned with their own privacy issues.”


Health care visionary Roni Zeiger

On older people learning to use the Internet for personal diagnosis: “Don’t under-estimate the power of older people to adapt when they need to.”

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