The Words, Wit and Wisdom of Deepak Chopra

Thursday, Oct. 3, 9 am

With his trademark flair, humor and gravitas, Deepak Chopra opened Day Two of “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific” with a morning presentation that was half lecture, half relaxed presentation, with an emphasis on his signature belief that “your mental state influences your biological state.”


Deepak Chopra

Steve Clemons, Washington editor-at-large at The Atlantic, greeted the audience with this observation: “Today, much like those surfers we saw outside, here we are surfing ideas, consequential ideas.”

Select highlights of Chopra’s talk:

“The brain is a verb, not a noun. Your brain comes from our genes, but then it is sculpted by our experience. My thoughts are influencing neural activity in your brain, neural firings that require protein. Not only am I activating your brain, you’re activating mine, through your body language.”

Clemons asked Chopra: “You’ve been called a ‘celebrity guru.’ It can be very hard for someone like me to differentiate between the good gurus from the pretenders.”

Chopra: “First of all, I’ve been called a pretender before. I used to tell my patients who had been given a poor diagnosis: ‘The bad news is you have a bad condition. The good news for you is, I’m a quack.'”

Chopra: DEEPAK CHOPRA“Be the change you want to see in the world. Every shift in your behavior and belief creates a shift around you….The psycho-pathology of insanity is now average in our culture. We take it for granted, every day. Pathologies such as biological warfare, terrorism, poverty, radical behavior, it’s normal because it’s now taken as average.”

Chopra: “Your state of being determines not only your being, but everything around you. And we are living in a wonderful age where technology can measure this.”

Chopra: “I know ‘m going out on a limb, to correlate bio fields with your emotional state and biological state. I can tell you, at this moment, the bio field of Syria isn’t so good. Same thing with Washington DC.”

On digital patches: “Right now, biological transmitters can monitor your biological state, and correlate that with your mental and emotional state. Every cell of our body is a ‘bio field.’ We’ve all heard, ‘I went to this place and I felt tension or I went to another place and I felt peace. Those are bio fields that we’re now just learning how to empirically measure.'”

Clemons: “You know, it would be really great if we could get you together with Ted Cruz and Harry Reid.” Chopra: “I would hope that they would shut up and listen.”

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