What’s Next in Medical IT? Devices and more devices

Thursday, Oct. 3, 10 am

The next panel examined “What’s next in Medical IT: Wireless Health and Wearable Trends.” Among the highlights was Mick Ebeling, former TV producer, now founder of the Not Impossible Foundation, which aims to invent devices to solve real-world problems such as how to provide clean water to impoverished people and places:


Mick Eberling

Ebeling: “If we just listen for a second to those basic needs or what that solution might be, the happy accidents from that solution might be incredible.”

And: “We have an internal mantra at our company, ‘Help one, help many.’ If we do that, the natural ramifications of that is that you’ll help many people. Giving that a face is so much more emotional, like one person talking to one person, and that’s awesome.”

“I’ll leave the helping the many to Bono for hunger and (Bill) Gates for malaria. They have more resources than I do, obviously.”

Another panelist, Ian Shakil, spoke about his innovative firm, Augmedix, that’s been working with “Google Glass,” the still-experimental, space-age set of optic lenses that would reduce the time doctors spend on administrative work and processing electronic medical records.

“For doctors, we alleviate the biggest time-killer and energy drain they have,” said Shakil, who wears the wearable lenses whenever he goes. The touch-activated eye-ware records a doctor’s notes instantly and electronically.

“We help re-humanize the doctor-patient relationship, so the doctor can actually listen to the patient and not have to scribble notes at the same time.”


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