On October 7-9, 2012, The Atlantic magazine and the University of California, San Diego, will host the second edition of its joint event, The Atlantic Meets the Pacific. Building on its successful debut last fall, this year’s forum will delve deeply into the topic of disruptive technologies in media, energy, and health.

As the information revolution accelerates, and the powerful reach of new technologies penetrates ever more remote corners of the globe, this event will study the intellectual, social, geopolitical, and economic implications of a fast-changing and ever more interconnected world. What are the next breakthrough technologies and how will they transform life as we know it?

A series of headline interviews and riveting panel discussions will complement off-site visits to research centers, cultural landmarks, and laboratories where participants will get behind-the-scenes exposure to new technologies and scientific research. The Atlantic’s marquee writers and editors, including James Fallows, James Bennet, Alexis Madrigal, and Jeffrey Goldberg, will be on hand to guide us through these important topic terrains and pathfinding experiments. Join them in beautiful oceanside La Jolla this fall for a trip to the intellectual frontier–you’ll learn not only what’s possible and what’s next, but also why it matters.

This blog is maintained by the UC San Diego Extension.

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